Order Form (for classic style pendant)

Notice: Please visit my web site first and make sure that the Classic Style Pendants is the one that you would like to order. If you are interested in other styles then do not use this order form but contact the artist to request a correct order form for the style of the pendant(s) you wish to order.

To view our web site please visit: www.danielnie.com/

How to do an email order:

(Please email your order to danielnie@aol.com)

1. Open your regular e-mail program to compose a new email and address the e-mail to DanielNie@aol.com with "Pendant Order" in the Subject line.

2. Then copy this form to the screen of your e-mail (the place where you usually type your email text).3. Fill out the form completely then e-mail it to the artist. You may also call the artist at 704-574-1815 to place your order. Coolligraphy Pendant(Classic Style: Black letters on Ivory-look face)------------ A wonderful gift for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, bridesmaids, or any individual's birthday, graduation, etc. All Classic style pendants are made of sterling silver.

Note: If you already have the design that I did for you, then please scan the name-calligraphy into your computer in a jpg file with 300 dpi at size about 2" x 2", then attach the file(s) with the following order form (please print in the order form the name that is in the design for my reference) and email all of them to me. If you will not be able to scan the original calligraphy or you never have the original design done then just give me the spelling of the name(s) in the order form, but please be aware: the new design will not match any old designs that you may have them done by me in the past since I do not keep any files of what have done in the past.

Price list for pendants: Same price for all pendant sizes and shapes.

$290. for one pendant up to 2 names in one design.$290. for initials up to 6 letters (e.g. if you have 3 children you will take the first name initial from each child so the total will be 3 letters).If more than 2 names on one pedant please contact the artist before placing an order. $19 will be added for each additional name. Price for silver chains: 2.3 mm, 18" long ---- $19.00 each.Special designs: please add $19 to each pendant.

Shipping and handling+Insurance: $15.90. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the artist at 704-574-1815 or e-mail the artist by sending your inquiry to danielnie@aol.com 


ORDER FORM For Classic Pendant (CL)

Print Your Full Name: _______________________________________________Your Phone # with Area code: (________)_______________________________Your E-mail: _________________________________

Shipping Address (specify addressee's name if different from above):________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Any name, any word for any occasion - the artist will do his finest work for you! All pendants are made of sterling silver. All chains are 18" long sterling silver. Use the space below, please print clearly the name(s) or word(s) that you want the artist to create on the pendant. When you order 2 names together, please put a "+" sign between the 2 names in the order form; e.g. Elaine + Fredpendant.

Order #1:  _________________________________

Select pendant type: 25 mm diameter round ______, 16x16 mm square_______.Do you need to order a chain? Yes________, No________.

I would like to order the original design on paper as well (+$49 each name, optional) :$____.

I would also like to order an 11"X14" mat for framing. My color choice for the mat is:maroon____, or teal_____, or black______, white_____. ($49 each mat, optional) $______

+$19 to each piece for anything special -------$_________

___________(If you need another pendant, just repeat same way of providing your information to the artist.)

Sub-total here: $ _________________.

(Add 6%) Tax --------------$_________ 

+Shipping and Handling+Insurance $15.90 ($19.90 if more then two pieces)--------$_________

--------------------------------------------------- Final Total: $_________

Please select payment method:

Will send a Check _______, Bill to my credit card: ______ .Balance $ __________Credit Card #: __________________________________________Expiration Date (mm/yy):____________ , Your billing address Zip code:___________________________________Please give V-code:__ __ __ / or Am Exp ID #: __ __ __ __(that is the so-called Validation Code, a 3-digit code at the end of the signature panel on the back of your credit card. If you are using American Express then you will have a 4-digit non-embossed ID number near the credit card # on the front of the card.)Name of the card holder:________________________________Please sign your signature: ______________________Date:____

Please write any special instructions to the artist:

Add any special instructions below: 


Please email your order to: danielnie@aol.com

If you have any questions please contact the artist Daniel at 704-574-1815 (C)


THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER______________________________________

Daniel Nie, M.A., M.F.A.704-574-1815 (C); www.DanielNie.com


Please contact the artist Daniel Nie. Thank you for your support.

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