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Topic: "Creative Thinking Can Change Your Life"


Daneil Nie, B.A., Wake Forest University.; M.A., M.F.A., American University Washington, DC.

Artist, teacher, author, entrepreneur, Daniel Nie has 25 years of experience in teaching Creative Art to children and adults. He is a full-time artist, living in Northern Virginia.

Recipient of Sam Ragan Fine Arts Award, 2000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Ragan_Awards


Daniel Nie believes that creative thinking leads to better ideas, better ideas lead to one's motivation; motivation makes one being productive, and being productive can change one's life.

Mr. Nie will share his personal experience and stories of his family with you during the workshop.

Nie came to the US from China on a full scholarship when he was a young man, and he had only $25 in his pocket. Now, he is a full-time artist and a popular motivational speaker, touring the country and giving speeches. He will share his successful experience with you.

Nie's daughter went to college when she was only 14 years old, and now she is a medical doctor.

Nie's wife, a graphic designer, is a deaf person also from China but she has overcome her hearing impairment, learned how to speak English, and built her career.

Nothing is impossible ---- There's a will there's away.

Mr. Nie will not only inspire you but give you a tool to train yourself. He will show you how you can use these mind exercises that he illustrated in his book: Coolligraph Exercises for the Mind to boost your creative thinking so you can think sharply and see clearly the things in your life, hence you too can improve your life and reach your dream.

This workshop is both for motivational and artistic exercises.

Students will have an opportunity of hands-on experience practicing "Coolligraphy", a unique form of calligraphy.

Contact the nationally renowned artist Daniel Nie to arrange a workshop/ book signing/fundraising event. danielnie@aol.com   704-574-1815

Book Signing

There will be a book signing session at the end of the workshop. Daniel Nie's book Coolligraph Exercises for the Mind will be an invaluable addition to your home library or a wonderful gift to anyone.

To order a book in advance, please go to Amazon:


For information on this workshop or Daniel Nie's other workshops please send your email inquiry to:



Please contact the artist Daniel Nie. Thank you for your support.

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