Lesson 5: How to Describe Size (click here)


1_ big, medium, small: da4, zhong1, xiao3

2_New words: Table is zhuo1 zi; Chair is yi3 zi

3_ Adjective + noun

e.g. da4 zhuo1 zi; xiao3 yi3 zi; 

4_ Little Screen Time: 

Let's learn sizes in Mandarin (click here)


We believe these 5 lessons have provided a good start to teaching Mandarin to younger children. 

We are in the process of compiling a book that will provide more drills and fun activities/exercises. From that book, the child will learn at least 54 Chinese vocabularies, which gives a solid foundation for further studies in Chinese Language and Culture. 

Most early child educators agree that giving a child an opportunity to be exposed to different phonology is a good way to form a good habit of approaching things from different perspectives and to expand his/her sense of multicultural views at an early age.



Please contact the artist Daniel Nie. Thank you for your support.

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